Saturday, 21 January 2012

"We at Circa urge a new, better decision"

Circa had the honour of performing at Trafo in 2010.
To step on the stage that hosted so many legends, to be received by such a literate and culturally sensitive audience, to be looked after as colleagues and to be met with standing ovations was true pleasure. 
More than a pleasure, it was the living embodiment of our great, human cultural and artistic conversation. 
Under Gyorgy Szabo's inspired direction, Trafo became an indispensable centre of contemporary physical performance in central Europe. It was positioned at the centre of that conversation – a vital part of us understanding and sharing who we are and what we can imagine.
The decision to remove Gyorgy is wrong. He is a phenomenon - it is by virtue of his passion and labour that Budapest enjoys a truly world-leading venue. 
We at Circa urge a new, better decision. 
One that leaves Gyorgy leading Trafo, one that keeps Budapest on the cultural map, one that brings the best of arts practice into contact with great audiences.
It is written in the book of Mishleh (Provebs) "Where there is no vision, the people perish". Gyorgy provides precisely the vision needed in these times. 
We need him.

Yaron Lifschitz, Artistic Director, Circa